Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Bar

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The most exceptional Swiss milk chocolate candy bar that you will ever put in your mouth. Available in either JACK DANIEL’S ® TENNESSEE HONEY™ OR JACK DANIEL’S TENNESSEE WHISKEY syrup center.



Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Bar contains Swiss milk chocolate filled with JACK DANIEL’S® TENNESSEE HONEY™ OR JACK DANIEL’S BLACK LABEL syrup center.


***We appreciate all orders for the Whiskey Candy, but please beware that once the shipment leaves our warehouse, we can not be responsible if the chocolate melts, because of the warmer temperatures.***

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Weight12 oz

4 reviews for Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Bar

  1. Crystal El (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness!!! This delivers a nice amount of jack Daniel‘s and the chocolate is delicious!!!

    • michelle (verified owner)

      Thank you! Glad you are enjoying the chocolate.

  2. Michael Brose

    I took a couple candy bars to the restaurant where I eat breakfast. Needless to say they were a tremendous hit. Excellent and VERY delicious.

  3. Kevin

    Incredible! I’ve never had another piece of chocolate like this, with so much Jack Daniels inside – has to be at least half a shot – the chocolate pairs very well with the whiskey, so the flavors are layered, and work very well together. Great bar!

  4. Jesus

    Received it as a gift tried it out best chocolate bar I’ve ever had.

    • michelle (verified owner)

      Thanks Jesus, we think it’s great also. Thank you for making your purchase with Jackie’s Gift Gallery.

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